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Two Floors, Tiki Bar, Cocktail Menu

Graphic Design / Marketing / Illustration


Hero image design proposal to aid the marketing team at "Loot" to promote a blog website. The image needed to engage the right target market, which is 18-25 Millennials. It had to be fun, engaging, stick to their brand colours and fit with their tone of voice. The article is all about tips to getting by in a hostel. These include things like training yourself to ignore the traditional hostel smells, making the most of free stuff, taking naps and befriending the locals.


Two Floors, Tiki Bar, Cocktail Menu

Illustration / Layout Design / Typography


Menu design for the Tiki bar in Two Floors a cocktail bar in Soho, London. The theme is 'Under the Sea' the story of a deep sea diver finding lost treasures hidden amongst the fishes, seaweed and friendly mythical creatures like the kraken. Refelcting the decor of the bar made of bamboo and fish nets hanging from the celing filled with the catch of the day.


Ping Pong, Star Wars, Light Saber, Star Walls

Concept Design / Animation / Model Making


To celebrate the 20th aniverseriy of the oringial movie "Star Wars" I was asked to contribute to a special exhibition. The main idea came from mixing a light sabre and a ping pong paddle to create a unique game where the user could use the force to fight the opponent in battle.

'CONSORT' Architectural Hardware

Consort Architectural Hardware

Branding / Web Design / Product Design


Consort is a architectural hardware company based in Birmingham dealing with customer from all over the world. I designed the whole company branding including a web site with their full product overview and specifications, office stationary e.g. letter heads, business cards and compliment slips, product packaging design and logo.


Daniel Mulloy

Graphic Design / Film


Daniel Mulloy is a British film maker who I have worked closely with on his first three multi award winning short movies "Dance Floors", "Antonio's Breakfast" and "Sister". After winning BAFTA, the Canne Film Festival and other global awards he is now regarded as one of the most sought after writer/directors in the film industry. My works include promotional material, poster design and colour grading.   


Barbican, Come along Ping Pong

Event Organiser


"Come Along, Ping Pong" was a social event at the Barbican as part of their "Do somthing Different" weekend in collaboration with Ron Arad's "Restless" exhibition. People were invited to play on specially designed tables by myself, Ron Arad and artist and designers from the "Royal Collage of Arts". There was also a section for the young creatives to create their own signature paddle to be showcased as part of the event. The event also featured in the "Evening Standard" newspaper in an article covering my original social ping pong night held at the "Bethanal Green Working Mans Club".   

ELITE Architectural Hardware

Elite Architectural Hardware

Logo Design


ELITE Architectural Designs needed a new logo to refresh their identity along side 'Consort' the sister company. The design had to be eye catching, distinktive and clean. The logo has been kept to geometric shapes and constructed forms to reflect the mathamatics and structure that arrise in modern architecture and solid bold colours to help it stand out from the competitors.   

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